The Rules of Dose

The (stated) aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards.

  1. Shuffle deck
  2. Deal eight cards to each player.
  3. Reveal top card from remaining deck.
  4. The happiest player begins.
  5. yellow red green blue Players may legally play cards that are of the same color as the most recently played card, black cards (which are wild), OR cards with paintbrushes on them (which state their color, as can be seen here).
  6. Play continues clockwise.
  7. If a player has no card to play, that player must draw two cards and skip his or her turn.
  8. Drinks are able to stack. So, for example, if a male player is Friends with another male player and the card is played, then each player drinks once for being male and once because of the friend card.
  9. If a play results in an infinite loop of drinking or drawing cards, the loop is ignored after every player takes a drink.
  10. When a player has only two cards left, that player must say “Dose” before anybody notices or else draw two cards and drink.
  11. First person to play all cards from hand wins.
  12. Everyone else drinks the number of cards they have left.

We take alcohol restrictions seriously. If you do not drink for some reason, here a few options to give you a Modified Dose:

  • Take out all of the cards that reference drinking.
  • Replace ‘drink’ in each instance with    ‘take off an article of clothing,’ ‘punch,’ ‘pay $1,’ or ‘smoke up.’• Give each of your drinks to your   neighbor’s cat.
  • Choose a designated drinker to drink each time you must drink.
    Or, as a last resort:
  • Use a non-alcoholic beverage.