Random Drinking Rule Generator


Target another player. That player must go to this webpage and do this rule.

This is a service provided free of charge for players of Double Dose or Dose Cocktail, sequels to Dose, the Designated Drinking Game. If you find it at all fun, please consider printing (for free) or buying (for cheap) a copy.

Take your pick from these three options:

  • From now on, every sentence any player says must now end with "...ladies," "... in bed," or "...in accordance to the prophecy" or that player must drink.
  • Pick someone to be your sibling. That player must now drink whenever you do.
  • The person who draws the card starts with a sign, for example peace sign or touching ones nose, and the next does the same and adds another. The next person does both previous signs and adds another. And so on until someone misses a sign or takes too long.