Random Drinking Rule Generator


Target another player. That player must go to this webpage and do this rule.

This is a service provided free of charge for players of Double Dose or Dose Cocktail, sequels to Dose, the Designated Drinking Game. If you find it at all fun, please consider printing (for free) or buying (for cheap) a copy.

Take your pick from these three options:

  • Somebody has to remove one or more articles of clothing. Any player that does not also remove that many articles of clothing must finish their drink.
  • Whoever draws this card must surrender their cellular phone to another player, so that the other player may text a random person from their phone book. In the event of a text response sent by the randomly texted contact, the responsibility of responding is shared amongst all players except the owner of the cell phone. A reward/consequence system can be created around causing the contact to not text back.
  • Play suck & blow with the e-card. Players must pass the card around the circle using only their mouths. Play stops when the card falls.